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Collecting accurate information on the existingdata-file topography of a site provides the Datum that the entire project is held to. MBESI maintains the same variety of equipment and skills employed by some of the world’s largest companies. Large areas impact site and drainage design immensely and can present unique logistical challenges as well. A combination of optical surveying and GPS techniques produces a product ready for import and analysis as well as integration into a project.


The collected data is imported into the computer and then a surface file is created and made available to engineers for use in design and calculations.

  • Commercial Projects
  • Private Intrest
  • School Campuses
  • Church Sites
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Hospital Sites
  • Fannin Elementary School
  • Bowin Elementary School
  • El Campo High School

Land Acquisition

In Conjunction with our development work, we routinely provide Right-of-way survey for easements or parcels to be acquired by Private Entities, City and County Governments.


Boundary and Land Title Surveys are often requested by individuals or developers when filing records or conducting research. MBESI routinely files Plats with local government agencies for the recording of subdivisions and land.plat


Route Survey

  • Finfeather Road Improvement
  • 29th Street Widenind
  • East Side Access Road
  • University Drive


Locative Survey

  • Construction Staking
  • Commercial Development
  • Private Improvements
  • Apartment Sites


  • Stormwater Detention Facilities
  • Single Family Residential Acquisition
  • Large Apartment Sites
  • Condo Conversions
  • Commercial
  • Retail